Saaf-Safai-VR (साफ़ सफाई)
Littering is the act of disposing trash on public or private property, such as parks, lakes etc. Littering encourages spread of pests and diseases and adversely affects the environment. Millions of dollars is spent by municipalities annually in clean-up efforts to reduce littering. This makes littering a huge problem because money that would otherwise be used in progressive development is partly directed to waste management programs.
Gandhi Ji firmly emphasized on the need for education on cleanliness among Indians and stated that “the scavenger’s work must be our special function in India.”
Leveraging the power of immersive technologies, The Saaf-Safai-VR application is an innovative approach towards spreading Gandhi Ji’s message of Swachchta hi Seva (Clean India), Community Service, Healthy India and Youth Empowerment.
The Saaf-Safai-VR application transports users in a virtual environment of a common neighborhood park with a particular mission: To clean the park by collecting all the litter lying around the park and depositing it in dustbins.The quick win is a great way to create awareness and teach people to keep their surroundings clean and on the other hand encouraging the youth to engage in community work.
A second major advantage of Saaf-Safai-VR application is that the user gets to exercise and stay fit every time they choose to experience or use the application. Using custom developed algorithms Saaf-Safai-VR allows interface of real body actions with VR system, letting the users control the game character as per their exercise. Users will need to walk/run in place in order to move their in game character around the park as they collect and deliver the litter lying in the park to the available dustbins.
Himanshu Aggarwal
Mr. - Student