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In the future, who has access to information has the power to control everyone. This setup opens space for a new type of business for those who are "brave" enough to go into private security areas. They are called The Envoy. The government was not happy and began chasing the Envoy in the city and almost succeeded in catching its pilots many times. However, this time the pilots have no more resources left, and it is their last mission, so they must deliver as many chunks of information through town.
This game was developed in the Global Game Jam 2018. It is a two players co-operative game. One player uses a gamepad to control the tank movement and the second player uses a controller created in the game jam to control the turret and EMP. The custom controller has an Arduino chip and buttons used to control the turret rotation, shoot the cannon and activate EMP.
Cleverton Zili
Game Developer - Programmer
Ricardo Minoru Seko Junior
Illustrator - Artist
Rafael L Lagos
Game Producer // Game Designer - Producer
Game Languages
Portuguese, Brazil
Supported Platforms