Russian Wooden House In Siberian Village - 2 - for games 3D Model
A Building for video games. Made in Blender 2.79.
Tested in Unity 5.0.2 and higher.
One floor and attick. All doors and windows are open and closed.
Two enterences with balustrade.
Four doors frames inside are decorated with gold horses heads.
Two stairs: to the roof ( outside ) and to the attic ( inside ).
Lamps on a ceiling and a fireplace with a chimney.
3d model consists of separated parts and can be easily modified.
The 3D model is very useful for creating gaming space in most genres: modern, historical and fantasy.Final colors of the model depend on shaders and light.
You can buy the model in my shops for your own games or VR projects
Viktor Ryazanov
VRVG studio (3D-Viktor Ryazanov Video Games ) - Owner