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The "Russian? No problem! Base Grammar" will teach you how to use the Russian grammar rules "in the auto-mode"!
- Declination fifty commonly used Russian verbs distributed across the frequency of their use with pronouns Я-I, Ты(Вы)-You, Он-He, Она-She, Они-They, Мы-We, Оно-It!
- 50 most used Russian verbs!
- 3150 full Russian sentences!
- All sentences are voiced native speaker. All audio files are embedded in the program. To listen of them you not require an Internet connection.
- Integrated voice recorder to record your own pronunciation and compare it with the voice of the native speaker.
- Ability to use the built-in theme (at the moment there are five themes).
- All phrases used in the program are checked by certified teachers of Russian (native speakers).
- Extended information about russian alphabet, base phonetics with sounds and many others things.
- Maximum ease!
- Maximum efficiency of learning!
- No In-App Purchases!
How can you use this program? Nothing is easy! Choose a verb, listen pronouncing and watch spelling in the past, present and future times, with the pronouns "Я", "Ты(Вы)", "Он", "Она", "Они", "Мы", "Оно".
Pass the test.
Pass the exam.
The good result will be coming soon!
The language barrier will be broken!
"Easy as never before"
Envoy - Owner
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