Runtime Code Executer

1.What is RCE?

Basically, it is a tool strictly for developers in order to help them test their games easier. You can directly execute most of the C# codes in runtime. The idea is to trigger heavily dependant events. Download on github

2.What can i use it for exactly?

two main situations can be indicated as main usage examples;
*You want to test out the winning function you set up for your game but you do not want to go through the entire sets of events to reach the end; Here goes this tool. You can directly trigger MyWinFunction(); directly from this console.
*Suppose you have an enormous amount of script files for a heavily complex mmorpg. You need to test out a boss attack and you do not have time to build the battle up from start over and over again. Or you need a specific card to be played by the enemy player and it's unfortunately random. So if you haven't already written a debug console specifically designed for your game yet, this tool can come very handy. You can directly trigger whichever function you need right when your game is actively RUNNING.

3.Why not ship with final release?

Because this console, also can be used to execute and inject ANY c# code in your game. Simple as that. ANY. Hacks, cracks, even account steals or even malicious server code. You can seriously damage anything related to your game by allowing the end-user to use this. So i respectfully repeat, again and again, please, do not ship this to public :)
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