Running Late Larry
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android ​Players: 1 Made with: Unity, C# Total development time: 5 weeks Last updated: November 2016 For Global Game Jam 2016 (Ritual), my team and I created Running Late Larry, a fast-paced series of action mini-games:
“You are Larry- an employee who is constantly late for work. Your boss has had enough, and you are on your final warning. If you are late again, you will be fired! You have to complete a series of ‘morning ritual’ tasks, and you have five seconds to complete each task. If you fail any one of the tasks, it will cause you to be late, and it’s game over for Larry! Complete every task without fail and maybe, just maybe, you’ll survive one more day in the office.” Since the Global Game Jam, I have improved gameplay by fixing numerous bugs, added an online leaderboard so players can compete against each other across the globe, and published a mobile version of the game on the Google Play Store.
Julian Stopher
VR/AR R&D Specialist @ Self Employed - Programmer
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