Rune World
Published a year ago
In development
This game consists of hexagons, where each one have his own energies types like: Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Death etc. You can suck energy from this fields and use it to create your runes. Runes are used like spells to kill monsters or other players. I want also make rune creator where players will be create thier own type of runes - adding size of the spell(fields to use an whitch), add object whitch will be spawn (like walls etc.).
Energy in the fields is auto restore in some durations set in settings.
This game is multiplayer created by using NetworkMenager available in Unity.
Runes are created like ScriptableObjects which makes it easy to edit.
Also hexagons are easy to add on the scene, you can edits basic hexagons adding to them objects like tres etc.
On hexagons you can add script that will spawn monsters and after kill respawn them using time duration set in script.
Monster can be all GameObjects withc "Monster" script.
All this things allow you to easy create your own multiplayer world.
(Work in progres)
Adam Jadasz
inż - Student
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