Rune Forge
Published 2 years ago
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A magical store-management and crafting game.
Rune Forge is a hybrid mix of minigames with the intense thrill of managing a store. Players are tasked with running a travelling magic shop and crafting runes, enchanted weapons, and other magical artifacts for the people of the villages and cities around the Kingdom. By crafting these magical artifacts through minigames, players can expand the capabilities of their workshop and go from startup apprentice to master craftsman. Along the way players will be able to meet with a wide variety of customers and helpers as they upgrade their house and improve their skills.
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Malcolm Chose
2 months ago
Hi, I'm looking for someone to design levels for my single player game. the size of the map is pretty small (50-80)x(50x80) (terrain size). therefore I pay based on per/map completed. and there will be several map since each level has its own map. I am by no any means an experienced level designer but i managed to complete 1 map within 2 hours. I'm sure the task is pretty easy for experienced designer. No need to model, everything is provided as prefab. just drag and drop, rotate and scale. If the work is good, will re hire for more maps. I need a lot of maps!