Ruins Sprite Pack
Ruins Sprite Pack is a set of high definition and modular derelict buildings and ruins for your game!
Perfect for HD sidescrollers and platformers. With this package you’re able to create countless ruins scenes and levels by combining a selection of hand painted sprites and objects crafted to be able to blend together in many combinations of sizes and orientations.
This package consists of:
- More than 340 high quality hand painted sprites;
- Interactable Objects with behavior scripts and components ready to use;
- 117 Sprites of Derelict buildings, walls, fences and pathways;
- 63 Miscellaneous sprites of props;
- 77 Vegetation sprites;
- 90 Background and foreground sprites;
- 40 Example prefabs assembled from a selection of these sprites.
All sprites are modular, so they can be mixed and matched to form virtually infinite scenarios with minimal repetition and memory requirements. Available on the Unity Asset Store:
Tito Oliveira
Game Designer - Designer