Ruine Cracked Download
Published 3 months ago

Ruine Cracked Download

About This GameRuine is a 2D dungeon crawler that scratches the classic fantasy RPG itch. Fight creatures to level up. Delve into the darkest corners of derelict ruins in search of treasure and gear. But to keep what you find, you must first make it out "alive." Using the term loosely.StoryThe rules of nature have become rather twisted, you see. Long ago, the kingdom entered an age of darkness and decay. Fog covered the land, as unrecognizable things crawled from both grave and crypt. Now not a soul is left alive, nor are they allowed to die... So what better way to kill the time? b4d347fde0 Title: RuineGenre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Early AccessDeveloper:PotkuPublisher:PotkuRelease Date: 16 May, 2019 Ruine Cracked Download Although early in development, the content that's currently in Ruine feels super well polished! The visuals and music are great, menus are intuitive and responsive. Had a very satisfying hour working out the core loop and learning the enemy movement patterns and I'll definitely be playing some more this evening to try working up to that boss.I think the attention to detail when it comes to feel, visuals and sound show that the dev cares about the game, and I'm sure we'll get some great content down the line. Worth the buy now for a couple hours of fun, and worth the investment in future content while it's cheap!. Really fun game Really hope to see more added to this game. Really fun game altho after like an hour and a half of gameplay i got all the stuff that i needed to get to beat the boss and i couldnt find anything to do afterwards, i dont think it has another boss yet but its a really fun game overall. Pro´s:PriceNice items,weapons and armor stats.The graphics in bit style:Monster,animations,etc.Character stats:Str,Agi,Int,Con (RPG Love)Con's:Not much to do after 1st boss beaten(Lack of content:The developer is working on it)Combat to simpleSuggestions:More skills,versatile attacks:combos,spells,talent trees,crouch or low dodge(also for enemies),Push enemies away,ranged enemies(ranged weapons),maybe ladders to platforms to escape enemies or use as tactics to fight,maybe co-op,Higher difficulty,RNG random dimension entrance,for reward or curse),Gambling for gold or item chance,Enhancing items and give effect fire dmg etc.Just suggestion you pick whatever.Thanks for the game :)
Courtney Adams