Ruby Rei
Published 9 months ago
Available on
Windows; iOS; Android; WebGL; Unity Web Player
Learn a language as you play! Ruby Rei is an adventure game with a twist.

Join Ruby and her reptilian pal Hugo on a mission to save her friends and find her way home.

Explore a landscape filled with confused warriors, angry gods and mysterious aliens as you build relationships, solve puzzles and use your new language skills to connect with others.

Lovingly crafted by language teachers and game developers who believe that speaking a new language is like having a superpower, Ruby Rei is a game where learning is its own adventure.

There are no tests, no exercises, no grammar lessons, no vocabulary lists to learn... just an epic experience in a mysterious new world.

⋈ Embark on an epic adventure.

⋈ Beautifully crafted art-style.

⋈ Learn as you play! No tests, no exercises… just pure game!

⋈ 4 contextualised foreign-language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

⋈ Beginner and Intermediate Spanish.
A consumer version of Ruby Rei is currently available on Android, iOS, and Chromebook.
Wibbu is currently working on an expanded Windows desktop version of Ruby Rei to be used in international schools as a tool to help ESL students prepare for the Cambridge Assessments standardised tests.
Game Languages
English, British; English; Portuguese; Portuguese, Portugal; Portuguese, Brazil; Turkish; Spanish; Korean
Supported Platforms
Windows; iOS; Android; WebGL; Unity Web Player