Rubu Adventures
Published a year ago
In development
iOS; Android
Kids join forces with a young robot named Rubu to explore strange and wondrous galaxies where they’ll solve challenging problems using a mixed reality ‘puppet controller’ to guide Rubu with their gestures via the front-facing camera on their tablets.
Rubu introduces kids (aged 4 to 7) to an adventure style of gameplay that is narrative-driven and encourages exploration and problem-solving.
Kids use a mixed reality ‘puppet controller’ (via the front-facing camera on their tablets) to guide Rubu with their gestures. It is a unique way to bring hands-on play to the devices kids play with. Touch controls can also be activated.
Rubu Adventures has playtested well with kids (including kids who have special learning challenges like autism)
Physical components (controller, cards) can be easily downloaded and printed out and we are looking at other ways of distributing them.
Robb Gray
Programmer, Designer - Programmer
Game Languages
English, British; English; French
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android