RTS Starter Kit
RTS Starter Kit asset is all, what you needed to create your own RTS game! It contains units ordering, movement and attack, factions, building mode, minimap, and many, many other things. Easy to use, no code needed to add your content. Game style, represented is this Kit, looks similar to C&C game series.
  • Easy to use without coding.
  • Easy to extend code and implement new things, if you need it.
  • Advanced camera controller - camera move, zoom, rotation.
  • Building mode allows player to place buildings on map. Grid mode included.
  • Full units controls: selection, multi-selection, ordering.
  • Units pathfinding, based on NavMesh.
  • Units have attack, movement, health and other modules.
  • Buildings have a production module, which allow to build units.
  • UI: minimap, which show units positions, camera position (and allows to move camera), and terrain.
  • UI: healthbars above selected units.
  • Parameters of game objects is easy to edit: most of data is separated from logics scripts.
  • Component style: all of code is splitted to small and understandable components, and you easily can add your own.
  • A lot of other things, which is so needed in RTS game.