RPG Prototype
Published 15 days ago
In development
Sandbox RPG prototype I'm making to get some of the most common features on a RPG game working, it's still in WIP
RPG Prototype made with the intent to have a sandbox playground to create gameplay elements made with Unity thanks to the courses and assets from Awesome Tuts (yt link :
Works with Unity 2019.1.0a12

Project made with Unity 5 then updated up to 2019.1.0a12.

Features that are coming up next :

- [Gameplay] Handle the story events by script files.
- [UI] Localization
- [FX] Adding shaders effects to spice visual effects up a bit
- [FX] refine the particles
- [Animation] refine characters animation
- [Gameplay] Refine combat interactions
- [Gameplay & UI] Add cinematics and create characters Icons/Portraits for the interactions with NPC
- [Gameplay] Create story lines for each characters.
- [Gameplay] Create interactions with the NPC and allow the player to purchase/sell items to them
- [Gameplay] Allow player to use healing items
- [Gameplay] Manage skills and skill points
- [Gameplay] Add a map and map interactions
- [Gameplay] Add notifications / success / achievements system
- [System] Add save/load state for the world environment & other settings (not the highest priority)

Features I'm currently working on :
- [Gameplay] Add a journal/log that will contains actions done by the player and objectives
- [UI] : Add Menus / Logs events / and manage skill points
- [Gameplay] Handling the inventory items by JSON file.


- ~~[Gameplay] : Select a character and start the game with this character~~
- ~~[Gameplay] : 3 Characters & animations + different spells available~~
- ~~[Gameplay] : Multiple worlds to visit and enemies to fight~~
- ~~[IA] : A town in which NPC are walking~~
- ~~[Gameplay] : Multiple Weapons for the player~~
- ~~[System] : Add Save player state to a file & Load function to get a player state from a file~~
- ~~[Sound] : Add sounds to player, characters & ambiant for the scenes, + some music~~
- ~~[UI] : Add enemies health bars and switch health bar by "tab" key system + Add circle shader at feet of characters (green = allies, red = enemies)~~


Unity Developer - Programmer
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English; English, British; French
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