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About This ContentIf you are looking for some cool and chill music with a hint of distortion, Dystopia might satisfy you with this futuristic and ambient music of 19 BGM and 28 ambient/ sound effects!This music pack brings cyberpunk, Sci Fi and modern vibes to your game / story telling as well as dark and eerie atmospheres with a dystopian essence in mind.Whether you want to add just a small weird vibe or to create a cool futuristic mood for your game project, Dystopia is an excellent asset for your growing game developing library!FEATURES:* 47 total tracks (19 BGM as well as 10 Ambient Loops, 7 Factory Loops, and 11 one shot SE. All loopable)* Both Factory BGM and SE are real recorded sounds from a factory!* Music for cyberpunk, Sci Fi, drama, futuristic, weird scenes.* .ogg, .wav, .mp3 file formats are included.Tracklist:1. Battle_darkness2. Battle_enemy3. Battle_speed of light4. Battle_tripseq5. Event_Last hope(pf solo)6. Event_Lost melody(pf solo)7. Event_truth8. Nostalgie_discomfort9. Nostalgie_down10. Nostalgie_Lost melody11. Nostalgie_maschine's dream12. Nostalgie_viv dark13. Nostalgie_waste factory14. SHOP_funny15. SHOP_live16. Soft_Last hope17. Soft_peaceful18. TERROR_12sounds19. TERROR_evilSE List:1. ambient_01_ water2. ambient_02_dark space3. ambient_03_ ghost4. ambient_04_ night5. ambient_05_dark rush6. ambient_06_terror7. ambient_07_ brain shock8. ambient_08 _karma9. ambient_09_ pray10. ambient_10_ error b4d347fde0 Title: RPG Maker VX Ace - DystopiaGenre: Design & Illustration, Web PublishingDeveloper:ayato sound createPublisher:DegicaRelease Date: 4 Oct, 2018 RPG Maker VX Ace - Dystopia Crack
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