rPBR - Physically Based Rendering Viewer
rPBR is a 3D viewer to render models using physically based rendering (PBR) pipeline. The tool is written in pure C language using raylib framework and OpenGL, using structs to support multi-material scenes, multiple lights and some useful render settings and features. I have developed a rPBR core library (single header) with all required functions to set up an environment (HDR) and PBR materials with up to 7 supported texture maps. The rPBR pipeline have the following features implemented: – Phyiscally based rendering for any 3D model. – Metalness/Roughness PBR workflow. – Split-Sum Approximation for specular reflection calculations. – Support for normal mapping, parallax mapping and emission mapping. – Point and directional lights supported. – Internal shader values and locations points handled automatically.
Victor Fisac Fuentes
Technical Artist - Programmer