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Team Royal Steam | Neon Challenge
Introducing the team and our project
Hello everyone!
First I would like to say a few things about my team and what we are planning to do. The team consist of 6 people Alex, Andreas, Marios, Nikos, Magda and me Aris. I am a professor on 3d animation at intergraphics and the rest of the team are my second year students that we decided to take part on this amazing challenge.
In this challenge we envisioned through the help of the amazing concept art from the lore artwork of league of legends town PILTOVER, an alien invasion that has enslaved all the minds of the aristocrat society and turn them into tiny robots. We wanted to show 2 different cultures that’s why you will notice the completely different design language used on the invaders versus the aristocrat’s society.
Below i am posting the art assets that we used to make this level plus the final video of the #neonchallenge

The List of Assets Used in this project

Unity Particle Pack, unity post prossesing stack, SatelliteDish_ConceptX, Recorder, sci-fi anti air rocket tower

Concept Art

3d original created assets

Final neonchallenge Video

Aris Kandiliotis
professor of 3d animation & environment art - Educator
Magda Konstantinopoulou
artist, teacher and student - Other
artist, teacher and student - Other
Yes it is
Ji Kian
a year ago
This is concept art from League of Legends, in the region of Piltover if I recall correctly.