Roxas Night Market
Published 3 years ago
In development
Windows; Linux; Mac
A relaxing pixel-art tycoon game set in the streets of Davao, Philippines.
Roxas Night Market is a small tycoon game I'm currently working on. I had previously released a different version of Roxas Night Market on, which shows the core gameplay I had planned, though I felt was a bit unfinished and lacked my initial vision.
This time, I wanna make it right. I'm slowly taking my time making Roxas Night Market, not letting any part pass - character, story, art, music, gameplay, etc. - until I feel that it is good. It's roughly at 3% now!
Wish me luck this 2018! Hopefully I'll be able to get this game done right!
Junel Lawrence Cordova
Software Developer - Programmer
Game Languages
English; Filipino
Supported Platforms
Windows; Linux; Mac