Round TV - Modeling and Texturing with Maya and Photoshop in 220 min
New art for my "fast" model production practice, now I come with something classic and maybe not in the way of what you remember this Round TV, this one take me 220 min.
Patreon (Realtime Video Process and Source Files): Sketchfab (Free Scene File):
New classic magic box.
To be a fast practice, it take me some time, I decided integrate some textures with PixaFlux and bake normals an ao with xNormal like my usual process, bad idea if you want to save time.
Don't this in a Game Jam. Btw this also share the textures smiling_face all painted with Photoshop.
Let me know what you think. Best Wishes.
- Aender Lara
Where to follow my art? Check this awesome page

Aender Lara
Game Developer, 3D Generalist - Artist