Published 2 years ago
In development
Linux; Mac; Windows
A twin stick shooter with highly-destructible voxel worlds, and zombies.
With Rot:Purge we're attempting to add some fun and nonsense to arena shooters. The aim is to be as over the top with everything as possible, the best analogy we've come up with being, "If Michael Bay directed a lego movie. And it didn't suck."
With all good shooters we feel that the key is to provide the player with a simple rule set, and then have to adapt to the various situations we put them in to constantly test their skills. We've looked to games like SmashTV and Robotron for inspiration, easy to pick up and play, but with a depth that may not be obvious at first.
By using a voxel engine for the game, it allows the player to really destroy things in the game world, which is never not fun. Add to that numerous zombie types all requiring different approaches, weapon upgrades, various game modes and ridiculous weapon drops ( Did you know that a "Boomba" is a Roomba, with a bomb attached ? ) we're going for all out fun.
We'll be posting more to here as the game develops, and if you want more frequent updates please follow us on twitter.
Richard Myles
Game Developer - Programmer
Supported Platforms
Linux; Mac; Windows
Richard Myles
2 years ago
Game Developer
@Gabriel Bucsan Thanks mate. And thanks for the like ( I'm guessing you gave one, otherwise it'll just turn nasty ;) )
Gabriel Bucsan
2 years ago
Gameplay Programmer