Rolland Garros 2014 - 2015 App

Evolution Of the same project.

As introduction A just want a precise that application was use by no-techlogique user. It was TV animator who use this application and they use it live. So the application as to be the most easy to use.

Version 1.0 (2014 touchless App unity 4.3):

The application allow the user to navigate between different points of interests with a touch less input (kinect like sensor) There was only TextMesh use for the UI and a setting mode which allow you to change the sequence order

Version 2.0 (2015 tablette driven app nominate unity award 2015 unity 4.6):

This version I add the management of the UI, and a panel to set the content of the UI. Via touch OSC you control the app with a tablet.
Samuel Thauvin
Unity3D Developper at Axone System - Programmer