Rogue Empire - Preview
Updated 8 months ago
If you feel that modern titles are losing that tactical combat and vast open worlds that made gaming great, you'll be very happy to learn about Rogue Empire. A turn-based RPG adventure with all the awesome elements of an old-school RPG.

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Rogue Empire also uses modern mechanics, such as perma-death, procedurally generated levels, and time-based turns. In the end, the classic RPG adventure becomes more dynamic without sacrificing the open world exploration and complex character customization we love so much about classic RPGs.
Price: 14.99
Size: 1 GB.
Genre: RPG.
Developed by: Portal Entertainment
Reviewed on PC.


Rogue Empire has a deep lore, seven different races all with different backstories and perks. The main campaign starts at your home, you've been receiving pleas of help from the nearby town.
Apparently, the Human capital has been covered by some kind of magical barrier. You reluctantly decide to help them, not even sure why. After that, a long and harsh adventure begins.


Rogue Empire uses turn-based mechanics, you can take your time and think your move. This is particularly helpful since there are many options to chose from and you have to worry about perma-death. Now, if you're up for a challenge you can choose time-based turns. This will limit the time in each turn, this gets closer to a real-time experience.
Besides the seven races, you can choose from six different classes. Each class has different skills. All the classic ways to grind, you can play the offensive with an Assassin or a Hunter; Go for spell casters like Druid or Mage; Or take the defensive approach with a Warrior.


Rogue empire uses "Hand-draw" 2D graphics for a crisp look with a retro feel. The characters, monsters, NPCs, and environment are very detailed. Now, the animations are a little basic. Honestly, the lack of a "walking" animation does bother me.


Turn-based tactical combat mechanics with a retro feel makes Rogue empire a must try for fans of the classic open-world RPGs. With a few modern twists, the game manages to make the old-school experience fresh and dynamic.
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