Rocket ™ 2D Unity5 Game Pack Design
( iOS & Android Game )
1.2 K
I would like to create these game with another person that knows how to code fast or is already on the market for iOS & Android. I have seven years of graphic design experience and can create almost anything if it will actually sell, I'm ready to create items, menus, effects, animations, advance interaction graphics for a more impactful and attractive design. If you are interested in my offer just leave a message and let's get it done. I will send you a 1-on-1 Project Invitation so you may realize the payment & we can get started or if you are interested in a different game design in these particular direction just send me a message with your personal offer and I will confirm if I agree upon those terms & conditions, looking forward to establish new business relationships.
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3 years ago
Sure, if I will be able in my future to help other people, I think I will do so, yes!
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May you help disabled people campaign in Israel?