Robots Battleground
Published 2 years ago
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This is a dynamic multiplayer online PvP action shooter, war robots.
The Earth turned out to be a platform for battles of mechanized robots! Most of the robots are a mixture of the combat power of the tank and the maneuverability of the mechanized suspension of robots, the symbiosis of these technologies is embodied in menacing machines, which you will have to control.
Reincarnate in one of them and join the battle! Shoot, destroy, kill, remember the tactical maneuvers, earn rewards, improve your robot, increase your level. The more experienced you, and your machine is more perfect, the more powerful you on the battlefield.
Destroying enemy robots, earn and buy yourself a new more powerful machines and then the honorable place in the ranking will not keep you waiting! Choose your tactics of warfare, sit in ambush or throw into battle, it all depends on you!
——— FEATURES ———
🔸 dynamic online (PvP) battle robots
🔸 unique machines, a mixture of the power of tank weapons and maneuverability of the robot
🔸 chatting with friends and enemies in the chat
🔸 mini-map will help to find the enemy
🔸 bright, saturated, voxel graphics
🔸 ratings of players, total and weekly
🔸 destructible elements of the environment on maps
🔸 explosive fun in every battle
Yury (iammakep)
Indie - Programmer
Game Languages
English; Spanish; Russian; French
Supported Platforms