Robothorium - Review
Updated 2 years ago
Save the future of robot kind on this dungeon crawler. Robothorium is an RPG adventure where you'll command a group of robots against the human forces. You can equip your robots with different items, plus you'll further customize them through a skill tree.
It combines dungeon crawler mechanics with turn-based old school RPG combat, giving the gameplay a retro feel. You'll also encounter different event's during your exploration of the maps, they will work to reveal rooms, handicap enemies, and other effects. Just be careful, failing an event will handicap your robots or generally increase the difficulty of the level.
Price: 14.99
Size: 1.25 GB
Genre: Dungeon Crawler
Developed by: Goblinz Studio
Reviewed on PC.
Download link: Steam.


The most interesting part about Robothorium is its complex storyline. It begins with the robot uprising demanding individuality, and the human aggressive response. There are many different perspectives in the conflict, some more extremists than others. It's up to you which side to support.



Lead by John Wint, Humanbots look for a peaceful solution to the conflict.


They believe violence is a necessary step to recognition of robot race. The robot heading the movement is known as Halt.


This faction is focused on Cyborg Rights. Being half robot and half human, Cyborgs are on a tough spot.


They desperately seek a vaccine for a virus plaguing the Cyborgs. Willing to bend the laws and moral conventions to fulfill their goal.

The Chip

An opportunistic faction founded by Jeff Wiedemann. They are in control of the black market but remain neutral on the conflict.


Robothorium has a simple gameplay that combines dungeon crawler with old school RPG mechanics. Each robot has 'shield' and 'structure' which represent their HP and 'Overload' which determines how many skills you can use. Using basic skills will decrease your overload, but if you fill it the robot will be stunned the next turn.
Each kind of robot has different skills that can damage multiple/single targets and can also apply buffs or debuff. Each kind of robot specializes in either attack, defense, or support. They also have an Ultimate that you can use after a given number of turns.
Robothorium features a lot of customization for your robots, besides the skill three which will enhance your skills and give you passive bonuses. You can also equip different parts to your robots.
These parts will enhance your robot's attributes, and if it's rare enough it will have passive effects. You can also craft set parts, which have great passive effects when equipped together.
Combat can get a little tedious, especially if you don't balance your team properly. You need to have enough damage to grind, but also enough defense and support to stay alive through the level.


Robothorium uses 2D graphics, vector art robots against a hand-drawn environment.
The robots are creative and detailed, and while the environment has a very attractive style, the lack of background animations make it a little simplistic.


Robothorium offers a PVP component, you can challenge other players teams but defense is AI managed. They are very active on social media, you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

If you're looking for a more direct form of engagement, you can chat with the devs and other players on their Discord Server It's very well moderated and they integrated MEEE6 and a level system.


Innovation: 1.5/3
Experience: 2.3/3
Community: 2.7/3

Rating: 7.5/10

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