Robot ™
Published 2 years ago
Robot ™ is a 3d person rpg that will amaze you, the purpose of the game is to collect the square coins until you have reached the maximum number and teleport yourself in the next level ! A Pc Game that will relax you at work while you are waiting for your documents, everyone need a brake off, why not play Robot ™ in your free time or share it with your children so they may understand the logic of spaces ? Robot ™ is a +7 age game therefore it's a educational game, share it with your friends and have fun while you are playing.
Plus you will recive two more eBooks free so you may understand how to sell your own digital product with Facebook Shop & PayPal !
1.Create It ™ is a information exchange, it will allow you to understand fast & efficient how to create your own digital product, creating your own online shop is now possible.
2.Sell Your Book Online ™ will allow you to write your book in Microsoft Word and sell it to your friends with Facebook Shop & PayPal !
Be a Robot ™ distributor, as a 3 party member of these financial transaction. Just Buy / Upload / Sell it with your own price to your friends & family, it's fun, interactive, educational.
Download Here : ( Hyperlink );
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