Robot Rebellion
The robots from Reliable Robots Manufacturing Company have taken over the complex. Dr. Pilgar, the last free scientist, needs to solve puzzles, destroy robots, free captured employees, and take back the factory. Dodge self programming robots. The internal defenses can be recruited to help you along the way. Outsmart the robot army on 48 unique levels of game play. Strategy, Intrigue, Adventure, Actions, addictive path-drawing gameplay and tons of fun. Guide Dr. Pilgar by drawing a path for him to follow. He will collect objects which you can use to clear the way to the final exit. Patrolbots follow preset paths, and you just need to avoid them or they will catch you. Seekerbots robots are a bit smarter. If they can see you they will run to the last location where you were spotted and look around. If you can hide they will go back to their patrol. Warbots behave much like Seekerbots, but they also shoot at Dr. Pilgar. They are just a little slower than Seekerbots, so you can sometimes run by them to the exit. Swarmbots are fast and move in groups. If you can avoid being spotted and lure them into traps, you can generally deal with them. Demolitionbots will use rockets to fly directly at your last spotted location, but if you dodge them they will damage themselves against walls. They can also trigger other explosives in the levels. On some levels there are mobile turrets which you can activate. You can draw paths for them to follow, and most robots don't recognize them as enemies, so you can send them off to do your bidding, bring them back to reload their 10 round magazines, and send them back out again. Information about tools and hazards are tappable on the Level Information screens.
Andrew Keplinger