Robot Laser Tag - EduMode
As a Level and Interaction Designer at EduMode I got to work their educational game Robot Laser Tag where my responsibilities included: • Designing fun levels and colorful atmospheric environment themes. • Developing innovative ideas and concepts for intuitive interaction methods, game mechanics and user interface. • Working in close collaboration and dialogue with the Lead to provide and ensure a satisfying product through an iterative process.
Amin has been a great help in taking our game Robot Laser Tag from Minimal Viable Product to a proper game. He successfully followed our strict technical requirements and has developed enticing levels which are highly performance efficient. Including levels for a novel concept where students alter the level through Augmented Reality during playtime. Furthermore, he has re-designed our interaction design for first person controlling on touch devices. As well as how to teach the player the novel control system. He is pleasant and easy going, a good guy for the team. - Aske Sønderby Knudsen CTO of EduMode, 5. november 2016
Amin Amin
Game and Level Designer