Robot Battle Arena
A team-based online first person shooter made as a final year project for University.
A 3D team based online first-person shooter with three playable characters, two weapons per character, two unique abilities per character, four grenade types and one playable map. Produced as a fianl project over five months (January 2017 - May 2017) by four students, one programmer and three artists. Characters: 'Insane' Voltz - Energetic robot fresh off the line equipped with an SMG and a pistol. Used to get into combat quick spray enemies down and then quickly escape. Ability one (Overclock) enables Voltz to upgrade his weapon for increased reload speed and fire rate for the duration. Ability two (Charge) gives Voltz a burst of energy granting him increased walk and run speeds for a short duration. O'Reilly Recon - Stallwart milatry robotic veteran equipped with a rifle and grenade launcher. The perfect solider for any combat situation. Ability one (Target Scan) enables O'Reilly to increase his minimap size and all nearby enemies are shown on the radar for the duration. Ability two (X-Ray Vision) enables O'Reilly to see the glowing outline of enemies through walls and obstacles for the duration. Mambo the Medic - Mysterious life draining/giving robot from unknown origins. Equipped with a shotgun staff and a necromantic lantern. Ability one is a passive ability that grants Mambo a unique weapon that can drain an enemies health overtime or heal an ally depending on who they are aiming their lantern at. Ability two (Deploy Turrets) lets mambo place up to three turrets that last for a short duration that drain the nearest enemies health, as long as it's within range.
Jordan Hill
Graduate - Student
Weapon & Prop Artist