Robot Assembly
Published 2 years ago
My 2D Unity Game!
OK this is my first Unity game! Can you believe it!
Its a 2D puzzle game. You are a robot and you are trapped in the factory. They have left you alone. You body is on a platform and your legs are hanging by a rope. So you have to assemble yourself.

I used Physics 2D for the raycast lasers. There is a mirror that's kind of neat. There's an animated cat, of course.
One thing I like about the game is that it has some physics and its mostly programmed so things happen organically. So I didn't program the robot to fall in a certain way, it just does it naturally.
Here is a video that shows me playing the game. The game doesn't have sound right now, so actually I recorded me talking about the game. Hope you enjoy it!!!
Chuck Chuckerson