RoboSoccer is an action packed soccer based fantasy casual game, unique in its own kind. The soccer teams are divided into 10 different civilizations. The game has 10 drones as players, 5 from each side, from 10 different civilizations for you to choose. Each has its own civilization centric power, as well as 12 common powers.
- Worked on the Artificial Intelligence for the non-playable characters to simulate soccer play using Finite State Machines and Steering Behaviours. - Implemented Messaging system for the autonomous moving agents (autobots/bots) to communicate with each other without the player input. - Used Lua scripting for modifying parameter values which changes the game play at runtime without recompiling and building the code. - Used SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) for the graphics, Boost Library’s Serialization and File System for game Save/Load functionality and Subversion for version control.
Tejaswin Macharla
Senior Programmer - Programmer