Roaming Towers (WIP)
Updated 2 years ago
Neon Challenge
-I will be using the contest provided concept art as inspiration for this project

-I will be Using Blender to create some if not most of the models.
-I am new to unity so ill be winging this.....
-This is my first project
12/04/2017 Started modeling one of the buildings that will be in the scene.
12/05/2017 Added Some more detail
12/06/2017 add some more buildings to the scene
Thinking about modeling a few more buildings to fill up the scene some more. This layout most likely won't be the same once I upload to unity. I'm also keeping poly count in mind and at the moment I'm a little under 100k so should still have a lot of wiggle room for props and environment assets. Still browsing around looking for good textures, the idea is futuristic but also worn and run down.
Ive yet to have a logical explanation for a tower on wheels lol so thats creating some what of a artistic block....maybe the environment is harsh and the inhabitants need to keep moving around haha will see..
Larry Frenzel