Roadside Picnic: A Concept Art Project

Roadside Picnic: A Concept Art Project

The project is called "Roadside Picnic" it's a concept art project based on the same name book from the Strugatski Brothers. The concept art of this project is mainly suggesting a Science Fiction RPG game, that is inspired by the book.It states that the world has been visited by aliens and they left, leaving behind six visitation zones in which parties of both Scientists and Stalkers (people who enter the zone without permission and steal alien artifacts) are taking advantage of the artifacts and items left behind.


The main reason I chose this project is because it's something that hasn't been done that many times before, and I find the content and the context way too interesting to not take advantage of (like stalkers do). I also wanted to expand my knowledge when it comes to creating something more uniform, that's why the project is separated in two Factions.
I also wanted to give the opportunity to people to create something from it, since it's my first complete concept project, I want to see it flourish into something more solid. So if you are out of ideas, send me a message and let's discuss about it.


Well, all projects present a difficulty. This one was especially difficult one for me, because I didn't have all the knowledge required to create a nice looking character but I want to believe that over time, with much practice in between characters I acquired both the knowledge and the skills to do something that looks good and can function as well.
Matthew Tsirides
Concept Artist / Illustrator - Artist