Elvindwor is from a small village where he grew up learning alchemy and swordsmanship this village is called Eldacia little does he know his whole destiny is about to change as he just turned 30 and there is an evil mage from ancient times about to attack his village looking for one of 4 pieces of an amulet so he can rule the four kingdoms with the amulets power to control armies of the undead and all forms of evil .The evil mages name is Dweldar and dweldar swept through Elvindwor village with an army from the eastern kingdom and attacked and killed most of the village people including Elvindwors family mother and father.elgar was elvindwors father who was of elf race and leader of the village who guarded one of the ancient amulet pieces for generations now that his parents are dead he must get justice for his family and stop the evil mage from taking over the four kingdoms Elvindwors long tedious journey begins
This is a game I am working on using RPG All In One I do not know how to program so I am using tool from unity asset store.I do know my way around unity though and looking for internship job as environment artist this game is called Road From Eldacia and has a story line I plan to change hero character to much better 3d model of a knight and I have a long way to go to completely develop game. I am currently attending art institute of Pittsburgh online for my bachelors in game design and willing to do hard work for any offered amount as internship I mainly just want to get the experience to help me in my future career If interested in project story line contact me at 205-522-5185 are are
Randall Scott Mann
student - Designer