Road Cross 2018
Published a year ago
Available on
Android; iOS
Can you save your sister from her knuckle kidnappers?

Jackson takes his sister out for the first time. She was scared so he promised her he will protect her. A group of kidnappers attack and kidnap his little sister. He has to catch up to them and the only way to keep up with them... Is by crossing through the fast paced, busy traffic lanes and get to her.
Along his journey he will find special powers that will help him run faster and be stronger.
Cops don't like it when people cross those busy lanes so they will run after him to catch him and lock him up. So don't let the cops get him or the kidnappers will disappear.
Can you help Jackson run and rescue his little sister?

The game has 15 uniquely designed levels that challenge you in many different ways. Short animations to let you enjoy the story line. Explosive barrels and fast paced traffic to test your skills. Please rate and leave comments or suggestions. Enjoy!
Tixelx Studio
Senior Game Developer - Programmer
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Supported Platforms
Android; iOS