Unity Asset Store Packages
I have been a Unity Asset Store publisher from 2012 untile now, creating every kind of assets from 3D environments to shaders and textures. I am always looking forward to create something new, cool and easy to use! I don't like to create just one more 3d model or particle system that's why you can find an idea in each of my projects. You can find more details about my projects on Unity Asset Store:!/search/page=1/sortby=popularity/query=publisher:2616 Here are the categories I have worked on: M "More than an asset" Every "M" pacage is more than just a product, it is based on an idea and a way to make things easier for you. For example the Road signs collection includes 4 different ATLAS textures for converting your signs easily and in no time into rusted, old, burned and new. S "Shaders" Shaders is one of my favourite thing to work on. You can find prosedural materials for water generation and skin deformation as well as PBR cloth, car and clay shaders. E "Environments" How could I create one model without designing it;s whole environment to live in? So here you can find both 3D and 2D environments. F "Functions" I love to make things move and interact, thats why I love programming and physics.Here you can see my favourite "Forces + Simulations" package as well as my "Color Manager" N "Narcissus" includes projects that have nothing more to give you than High Quality models. Athough I can't resist of a nice idea ;)
Furstentum Liechtenstein
Artist, Game developer