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Mac; Windows
Join the battle for fame and fortune in this online fighting game. Pick and switch between 3 different Eternals as you go head to head with your opponent in this 1v1 arena brawler. Every Eternal has 3 unique abilities that you can use to gain the upper hand on your enemies. Rounds are quick - only 60 seconds. Whoever has the most health at the end of 2/3 rounds wins!
In this online fighting game there are two types of battles. The first is Ranked. Rise has a completely random ranking system, so there is no rank-based matchmaking. You are simply queued up to fight the next person who wants to battle! The best games shouldn’t need a “rank” to show experience. By going up against the best or the worst player you can see how good you really are! The second type of battle is a Wager Battle. These fights require each player to put up an equal amount of Silver - Winner takes all (-5% Arena Tax).

Unlike most online fighting games, Rise rewards strategy instead of button-mashing. There are NO lengthy hit animations. Instead, it is possible to change classes or incapacitate your opponent if you get into a sticky situation. Rise is currently available on Windows and Mac.

Rise is not your typical Arena Brawler. In other games all characters more or less have variations of the same move set. Rise’s Eternals each have three unique abilities that are meant to be combined with abilities from other classes. This requires a strategic load-out each round, and you can adapt your strategy based on your opponent’s play-style. Eternals also have their own movement speeds, and some have controls available specific to them.

The Rise Economy is a revolutionary system that adjusts in-game currency prices based on traditional economic principals. The value of this currency, which can be wagered, is adjusted based on the amount held by active players divided by the number of active players themselves! Soul Essence is a component of this system that is meant to stimulate the economy and allow players to strategically save and spend their money. Gold can be purchased at a rate of 1/USD, but Rise is truly a free to play game. Rise allows good players to earn ability upgrades quickly, easily, and for free through Wager Battles.

Rise Connect is designed to integrate the social aspects of the website into the game itself. Players can make their voice heard and meet others on this online forum. Soon, a live messaging and notification system will be released for players on the website, and shortly after it will be integrated into the game. This will make it possible to browse the website and chat with your in-game buddies at the same time! Rise Connect currently features all the basic functions of an online forum. You can create, like, and comment on posts - even add others as friends! There’s no telling what kind of people you’ll meet and the stories you’ll create on Rise Connect! Here you can check for new contests, get help, meet new players, find others to wager, and more! The best part about Rise Connect is that you can easily view other players’ in-game stats by clicking on their username in a post or comment. If they can’t back it up then tell them to shut up! Please support this Indie Game and help make Rise one of the best online games out there. Lots of hard work has gone into this free to play game. Like us on Twitter and Facebook and share our page with your friends!

The Eternals are the champions of Afteir in this computer game. At one time, their numbers accounted for entire armies. Now, there are only a few left. They have been chosen to fight for you, Player. Who will you choose? An up close and personal fighter like Kai or Mochizuki? Perhaps you’ll play it safe and use Chi and Veia to attack your enemies safely from behind cover. There are so many ways to combine abilities, and there are more on the way. When the full version of the game is released, Rise will contain 13 well balanced Eternals for a total of almost 40 unique abilities!

So what are you waiting for? Create an account today and join the battle for the Arena Crown! Download one of the best PC games and experience everything that Afteir has to offer!
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