Riley's Tale
This is not ever intended to be a commercial project. If it evolves into one, great, but that's not the intent. It's a learning project, and something for fun. The goal is to take some of my favorite RPGs growing up, Bard's Tale, The Magic Candle, The Faery Tale Adventure, among others, and blend a simple, first person RPG game with some improved meta games from The Magic Candle. This means jobs you can leave a party member at to earn some gold or resources while the rest of your group delves into the next dungeon. A roster of characters that you can swap in and out, based on your needs at the time. And most importantly, a chance to understand how all these systems work together, how to implement them in C#, and how to organize code, data and projects to make sure people can hop in and get productive. Currently, the project sits in my own private TFS git repo. If anyone decides they want to hop in and help, I can move it to a publicly facing repo over on github. If you're an engineer or artist and want something to help grow, please consider yourself welcome. Other disciplines, if you're interested, please do! I will be maintaining fairly strict control over the scope, as I'd like this to be a portfolio item for any contributor that actually can be finished and be a relatively polished item to point to. For me, my reasons for doing this is I haven't actively been a programmer for almost 15 years, so I'm very rusty. My skills as a producer, and with a design focused have gotten much sharper, but I want to make sure I can continue to contribute directly to projects going forward as well, and for me, that means programming. My art skills are atrociously bad, as will be obvious once I start uploading some assets.
Marc Scattergood
Producer / Product Manager