Published a year ago
Take part in the most challenging investigation of FBI agent Jack Reed! Some mysterious
creature kidnapped his son, and now his fate is in your hands. Jack`s life keeps a lot of
secrets... Can you solve all of them?

Try out your brain and logic, find hidden objects, escape room by room, and do not give up on the most challenging puzzles to help Jack to find the right door. Riddlord is new 3D puzzle adventure. It`s not the game for everyone, but it is the game for the one, who is brave enough to investigate unsolved crimes. The end of the story is up to you, seeker!
We cannot guarantee, you can escape from mystical Riddle Master, but we promise you will never forget this detective adventure.
• Fairly hardcore game. Unexpected and challenging puzzles are waiting to be solved.
• Mystical atmosphere and engrossing storyline. You will dive into the ocean of mystery puzzles and will not even notice that.
• Stunning conceptual 3D graphics. Realistic visuals, lights, shadows - we wrote music for your eyes. Just enjoy!
• Intuitive touch controls. Point and click. What can be easier? Nothing.
• Beautiful music. Turn it on and dive deep into the mystery. Headphones are recommended.
• Easter eggs
We have created something special for you. You can pass the game after a while again, some of its elements have several solutions.
Amrita Studio is a small team of indie developers. We are new to the gaming industry, but we are creative, inspired and have a lot of ideas to share with gamers all over the world.
Unity3D dev.