Richard Pizza's Hungry Games
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Android; iOS
Richard Pizza’s Hungry Games is a free, fast-paced mobile game that promotes healthy living, enforces good eating habits, and teaches some fun food facts. The game has over 20,000 downloads and is available now on the iTunes Store and Google Play Store.
The game is designed as a collection of fast-paced, tactile mini-games, using quirky food characters and a stealth learning framework to help teach nutritional awareness. Behind the comical food characters and entertaining ways that you help them, is a nutritional message aimed at teaching about healthy eating habits.
Our team of artists, developers and designers brainstormed a mobile first concept of mini-games that revolved around an educational element like watching salt intake, drinking enough water, or MyPlate concepts. We were able to build the games with a stealth learning ideology of "game first, instruction second." This helped make the game well rounded and enjoyable for players, while still being educational.
Ryan O'Donnell
Creative Director - Manager
Duncan Iaria
Developer/Designer - Programmer
Cassandra Trissler
Multimedia Artist - Artist
Eric Monachello
Artist - Artist
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Android; iOS