Rhythm of the dance
Published 7 months ago
Rhythm of the dance
This is a MMD game which takes dance as the medium and teaches others dance melody. Through the game, players can experience the joy of dance and feel the melody of dance, accompanied by wonderful music, simple operation, lovely girl . By challenging levels, players can get different amounts of gold coin rewards to unlock new roles, and can use these roles to challenge different levels, feel the different charm of each role on different stages, experience the melody of dance.
It is the first time I make a game completely by myself.I make every effort to get better idea like the better UI design, code writting, function analysis,models selection,and what the game makes others feel like,on the subject of teaching skills.So,I write code,make some simple UI pictures,design the UI,make particle effects .But,I don't know how to make models,so I buy them in Taobao and unity asset store.
Write codes with VS Code Editor
make prefabs
The most difficult part of the game is capture the rhythm of the music.I use koreographer to make it.
make animations to create a better effect
Demo Project

Francis Lee
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