Rey Tani - conquest of the new world
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The new world adventure
The contribution of the videogame industry to education is a way of adaptation of human beings to technological advances

Teach People Something New

The game focuses on the idea of illustrating the player about the conquest of the new world, the Catholic religion was a key element for the Spanish conquest, it is known that it was not a peaceful process, the Mexica were submitted to acquire this new religion, the selfish attitude of power of the conquistador Hernán Cortes and the Aztec and Mayan culture are the main themes
The objetive is to create an interactive visual experience so that the player acquires knowledge about the process of the conquest of Mexico guided by Hernán Cortés, integrating historical-cultural themes of Mexico


The project grows around the Mexican culture, toys that are not from the time of the conquest but have marked the Mexicans, and an approach to the daily life of the Mexicas as the process of food, designs, blankets, and temples.

Tools and features

  • Unity 2018.2.6
  • Maya 2017
  • Zbrush 4R8
  • Substance Designer

Main character

To create fantasy within the story our character is a ghost invoked by Hernán Cortés, blue and purple to describe his innocence and define magic, his helmet that identifies the Spaniards, and a box glove to put humor.



Level 0

  1. Boat view navigating a lot of fog
  2. The mist is cleared, an island is seen
  3. Character gets excited
  4. Camera movement showing the anchor and where to take it to disembark
  5. Game
  6. Character movement
  7. Hit sacks to open the way
  8. Use the special to open bars
  9. Push anchor towards the indicated point
  10. Disembarkation

Level 1

  1. Entry to Mexico
  2. Confrontation I
  3. Mixcoatl god of war arrives, father of Quetzalcoatl.
  4. Meet Moctezuma on top of the pyramid
  5. Moctezuma welcomes the player
  6. Descend, confrontation II
  7. Tlatoani good of the rain
  8. Moctezuma calms the town
  9. Exploring the daily life of the people
  10. Cortés arrests Moctezuma
  11. Confrontation III
  12. Huitzilopochtli, god of war

Mariana Anchondo
3D student - Artist