Rewired: Project Insula
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Android; iOS
London 2032. The world has spiralled into absolute confliction and division, with tensions across nations at an all time high.
Fears of Russian paramilitary invasion run amok throughout the world’s media and governments, as well as nuclear and nanotechnological war.
Rewired: Project Insula, will be the first story arc in the Rewired series, and will be released as an Interactive Comic Book for mobile devices, in 2018.

This first entry to the series will follow Meera Patil, a young aspiring detective who has been on the force for just 3 months.
After investigating a minor robbery, Meera’s life is changed forever when she witnesses a horrific and sickening attack, catapulting her right into the investigation of a worldwide pandemic.
Alongside investigative prodigy Daniel Green, Lead Investigator of Private Intelligence Agency - Barrier, the two young detectives look to uncover the truth behind the sudden bloodshed, decimating the globe.

Experience Project Insula. Experience the Human race, rewired.

Rewired is going to be a tale about fear, corruption and the human mind.
You can expect to see the Kickstarter launched in February 2018.
For now, follow this page for more updates with snippets and concept art regularly being posted.
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Callum Munro
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Android; iOS