Revery Online
Revery Online has been a pet project of mine for almost as long as I have been working with Unity. It has seen several versions over the years, starting off as a standard single-player RPG and eventually evolving into a full-fledged MMO. Using SmartFox Server 2X, Revery uses an Area of Interest setup to keep the data being transferred to and from clients to a minimum. Items of interest and NPCs are spawned just outside of the camera view as the player traverses the realm and are removed as the player moves away. The same goes for other players, and all of this information is tracked on the server-side and then fed to the client via either UDP or TCP.

The most recent addition to Revery has been player housing, which allows each player to rent a house and begin furnishing it with containers that can store items they find during their quests. While the game is mostly prepped for an alpha-release, I unfortunately ran into the problem of not being able to find enough art assets to continue its progress. Hiring artists to create all of the enemies and items this game would require would be a major investment, so for now Revery exists solely as a place for myself and Zoey to run around and remember the days of when she first grabbed hold of the mouse at my desk and began her first RPG adventure.
Albert Ridley
Freelance Game Developer - Programmer
Albert Ridley
3 years ago
Freelance Game Developer
Thank you so much for your kind words Scott! Revery has all but been abandoned at this point, though it has served me well in finding multiplayer work as a freelancer. I came to the realization that acquiring enough enemies and creating a world large enough for an MMO by myself would have been overwhelming. I also didn't want to spend my life running an online game. I've since moved on to a local coop rpg that I hope to release this year. As with Revery, the inspiration has been and always will be making a world for my daughter and I to save together.
Scott Courtney
3 years ago
Independent Developer
Nice work on Revery, even if it's still a WIP for now. Your story about the family connection reminds me of my own work on Rathunas, which is a project born of the shared experience of my wife and I playing TES 4: Oblivion (nominally a single-player game) as coop by working together to solve puzzles and make quest choices, even though only one of us had the controller in their hand. Doing creative work is fun, but sharing it with someone you love makes it truly special.