Returner Zhero Trailers
Returner Zhero is the stand-alone sequel to the space puzzle adventure Returner 77. Returner Zhero is a full 3D game, focusing on providing engaging storylines, cinematic cutscenes and immersive gameplay. The following Case-Study showcase the two initial teaser trailers for the game.
Creating high quality, goose-bump generating content is key when producing trailers for new game releases. To create the maximum effect, choice of footage (what you capture from the game), editing (cutting and transitioning) and audio mixing is key. To create these trailers I cooperated closely with Game Designers and the super talentet audio guy Niels. My job was to capture the right footage inside the game engine (Unity) and to make it all fit, cutting video and audio and adding overlaying graphic elements just right. All to make these trailers as captivating as possible.
Elias Borenstein
Digital & Motion Graphics Designer - Designer