Retro Synthesis
Published 2 years ago
In development
Retro Synthesis is a tech-noir narrative game about being torn apart between obligations and conscience. You are a police detective named Harrison Noels whose wife just passed away but there is no time for grieve. You are forced to take a case that is more complex than you think.
Hi! I am working with friends on a project called Retro Synthesis, an adventure, cyberpunk game. It is first-person narrative game, set in an alternate retro-future world where people were forced to life on a giantic city platforms above the oceans.
In game you will be a police detective that must solve the case, but like in every good noir story, there is mystery and some complications. Main character's past will drag on him during the investigation.
We created crowdfunding campaign on kickstarter, you will find more art and information about the project here:
Any feedback is more than welcome, thanks in advance!
Marek Daniluk
Gameplay programmer - Programmer
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