Retro Rally
Do you remember what it felt like to be the nineties kid? The era soul stirring melodies and simple games. If you still feel the chills, Retro Rally will definitely catch your fancy. Those simple 2d games that kept us hooked for hours or even gave us the thrills of flying a jet. And yes its 2016. Its going to be fast, frantic and a splash of colour. Retro Rally has it all. The simplicity of the past and the glitz of the present. Retro Rally will be a ride to remember. Whether you are in the Mumbai Local or the London Tube, you are going to be hooked -Clean interface -Great graphics -Challenging game play -Share with your friends -Excellent rewards If you loved the nineties you will surely love Retro Rally. And It's time for a race to your golden memories. Are you ready for a race ?
Subhendu Sinha
Lead Software Engineer - Programmer
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