Retro Look
Retro Lookk is a Post processing effect, that will bring to your game fantastic oldschool retro look, Monitor/TV/VHS effects and help you actually create something far better, more stylish, and more versatile as a VFX.
This asset will give you lots of options and easy to implentation. Just slap it on your camera, adjust preset and you're good to go.
Fully configurable within the inspector.
Great for :
Retro styled 2D/3D games
Emulating TV
FPS HUD when player is damaged/weakened
For added suspense in horror titles.
Features :
1. TV mode:
Noise Textures to emulate interference
Texture Intensity
Vertical alignment distortion.
Offset Color
Offset Distortion - changes VHS's distortion effect amount.
Scan - enables scan lines
Resolution - changes TV effect's resolution

2. Bleed Effect
Custom Vertical Resolution
Custom Bleed Modes with adjustable curves
Bleed Stretch

3. Fisheye Effect
Emulates a real screen by "bending" the corners of the image with adjustable parameters

4. Vignette Effect with adjustable parameters
Pulsating Vignette

5. Noise
Different kinds of noises with many adjustable options:
Signal noise
Line noise
Old tape noise

6. Shake/Jitter Effect with lots of options

7. Picture correction with shifting colors and adjustable gamma

8. Trail Artefacts to emulate old TVs

9. Custom Texture to easelly emulate monitors(video/sprite)

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