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A multi-aged smash of up retro styles in a rusty cyberpunk setting

The above images are the most recent, Please scroll down for progress!

Hey guys, I know I don't have much of a chance in this but i looove cyberpunk settings and I wanted to try something new. Rather than just an environment, I'm trying to put a bit more emphasis on the people who would live in this world, what kind of things they like and how they interact.
I've started this project from my own concepts, and trying to get a bit done everyday after work!
Anyways, I know these are some pretty rough sketches, just going through some outfits and characteristics of the people. I wanted to show the 'cyberpunk' element in their fashion as well as in the environment. I kinda imagine them being obsessed with 'retro' things while mixing that in with their semi-advanced technology. That's why there's a flying Vespa and VW Camper junk shop! :)

Since then i've moved onto modelling. I think the posture needs a lot of work and she's missing some details, still looks quite 'stiff'. Quite happy with it considering it's a quick character though!
Added a fair amount of detail at this stage (sorry I forgot to take earlier sceenshots!)
Now there is an engine-type-thing so it makes at least a little bit of sense (not really)
I'm trying to make as much as possible in a modular way so I can quickly fill in details and the background once it's in unity and textured. Which is why i've made loads of little square bits and pipes and things. I'm thinking of using sprites to make rust stains under things? That'd probably be a rooky move but i'm just gonna call it resourceful :D

Modular Assets

here i've focused on stuff that I can easily throw into the background or use to generally fill in the environment.

Van Textured

Textured the van today! I was going to use Substance originally but i know I'd get a better effect by doing it by hand. Surprised with how well it came out tbh. Still yet to unwrap the assets around the van (junkshop items) and then onto the characters!
worked on the texture for the 'punk girl' today! I think it could still do with some more details but it'll do for now, still got so much to do and only 10 days left D:

Once I finished that, started work on the Vespa Bike, and surprisingly managed to finish modelling it! I was honestly expecting that to take a day on it's own but it was only a few hours :) Still have to unwrap it though. Super hectic juggling this with moving house and job but it's so fun I cant put it down!

Quick to-do list

  • Unwrap/ Texture the Vespa
  • Model the hipster biker chick
  • Unwrap/ Texture hipster bicker chick
  • Unwrap/ Texture extra assets (pipes, fans, junkshop items)
  • create background with modular assets
  • Put it all in Unity
  • Lighting/ effects/ maps
working on the textures for the last assets now, then into unity for all the nice lighting and such
First screenshot from inside unity. the textures are still looking grey and dull, the characters don't look like they're interacting at all. This is only after about 30 mins just arranging everything and throwing in some random lighting.
Here i've added normal maps, alpha maps, sprites (like the foliage) and made the background darker but it's still looking really washed out and the characters look really bored!
Final progress of the day! Post-processing stack is amazing!! Really vamped up the colours, quality and contrast. I've moved the characters around and changed their face textures to look more friendly/engaged. also added some assets to the shop!
The next big issue is filling in the background. I tried to buy some assets from the store today but it wouldn't proceed to checkout? ill figure it out tomorrow.

After a lot of fuss trying to install Cinamachine (and thank you to anyone who helped me on the chat) I've now added backgrounds to the scene (using some great assets from the store) and started animating. Tomorrow i'll finish the animations and hopefully have the video ready to submit!
So the video is all done and finished. Can't exactly say i'm happy with it as the quality is pretty low and you can tell its a rushed job, but my aim for the scene for more of a still-life than with the intention of being animated. Honestly- i'm just ready for the next project now!


Unity Assets

  • Barrels 1.0 - Makism Bugrimov
  • 5 Sections and gates 1.1 - Makism Bugrimov
  • Construction(1) 1.1 - Makism Bugrimov
  • Pinwheel Fantasy Effects Free Pack 1 - Pinwheel
  • Postprocessing stack
  • Cinemachine
All Sound effects have been sourced from

This was a really fun project that accidentally consumed my Christmas holidays and kept going after! But I'm glad I took part. I learnt a tonne of new Unity skills and tried stuff out of my comfort zone.

Thank you to anyone who helped me along the way & good luck to anyone who submitted <3

Sophie Cook
Freelance 3D and Concept - Artist
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I like your style :)
Ugur Ister
3 years ago
10 years+ Unity Developer mobile, desktop, XR
in my entry i wanted to present various positive and negative outlooks on the future. since i only had a week to work on it i didn't get to do many of the more positive/nuanced ones anymore and it ended with mostly the bleaker views on things making it way more black mirror vibe than i intended. then i looked at yours and it made me happy =)
Ugur Ister
3 years ago
10 years+ Unity Developer mobile, desktop, XR
Ugur IsterVery nice one, such a different feel from many of the other pieces. The world is fucked up but they hang out with their friends and enjoy themselves =)
you got it across very well =)
Sophie Cook
3 years ago
Freelance 3D and Concept
Ugur IsterVery nice one, such a different feel from many of the other pieces. The world is fucked up but they hang out with their friends and enjoy themselves =)
I really love this comment- that's exactly what i was trying to get across :D thanks so much!!
Sophie Cook
3 years ago
Freelance 3D and Concept
Blair RenaudI don't have permission to view the video.
Thanks for letting me know! I'll put a link to the YouTube version because i can't edit it anymore :(