Resus Days - A Simulated Medical Code Simulation Game
Published a year ago
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Android; iOS
Rehearse life-saving decision-making in a fun, game environment. Resus Days is a simulation game for healthcare professionals to practice some quick-thinking needed for care of cardiopulmonary emergencies. You are the team leader in the resuscitation team. Your task is resuscitate the patient until he is back to a normal heart rhythm (normal sinus rhythm).

The game includes 7 levels covering cardiac arrest, bradycardia, tachycardia, and simulated megacode. The first level (cardiac arrest) is free to play. If you like it, an in-app purchase will unlock six additional levels.
I'm a physician from Thailand currently study Health Informatics in Sweden. This game began as my Master’s thesis at Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm University. It's an experimental project to explore gamification of serious medical knowledge and study outcomes.
I developed this project alone in 3 months without external funding. I would appreciate feedback regarding problems or suggestions to improve the game. If the project goes well, I will continue development upgrades using your suggestions.
I hope you enjoy the game :)
Rath Panyowat
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Android; iOS